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Testimonials From Hunting Dog Customers

Testimonials from our hunting dog customers is one of our greatest marketing tools. We value and appreciate all feedback from them. Most of all, we love hearing about how much they enjoy bird hunting with their gun dogs!

If you are one of our satisfied hunting dog training customers, please leave a testimonial.



Thank you for taking my puppy "Walter," a German Shorthair Pointer, to the next level. When I brought Walter to you for some formal training, I was hesitant to do so. I have always taken pride in training my GSP. I did not have time to give Walter the training he needed. When I brought Walter to you, he was not steady to shoot; he would bump birds, and retrieving wasn't even a thought on his mind. I took Walter on his first trip to South Dakota to hunt pheasants, and Walter exceeded my expectations. In one of the first fields we were hunting in, Walter went on point 87 yards in front of me with no issues, but my buddy's dog got up three birds before we got to Walter. During the chaos, Walter held point throughout all of the chaos. We finally worked our way up to Walter. I got to flush the rooster. When the rooster got up, I winged it, and it flew off in the distance. I was so pissed at myself until I watched Walter take off after the rooster. I watched my Garmin, and Walter was 325 to 330 yards away. Then, over the hill, Walter came back with the rooster. This could not be possible if it weren't for the training Walter received from you."

Thank you!


Date of Posting: 11 November 2023
Posted By: Dominic

"Hello Ed! Riva, our DD, is 1 year old. We just had her spayed which was bitter sweet. She is so good both as a hunter and a house dog that depriving her from having pups to share somehow seems wrong. We didn’t do the required testing either which bore a little on the decision. She started her hunting in Montana for sharpies and sage grouse at 8months old after 4 weeks with Ed. Just her a friend and me got our limit of birds all 3 days there. She was so good she didn’t miss a bird the whole time and we didn’t miss many. The friend has been bugging me ever since to make sure we do it next year just the 3 of us. He just loved hunting with her. Then Duck hunting every week in Detroit Lakes and a few days mixed in on rough grouse. Then out to So Dakota for 3days of pheasant. Sprinkle in a half dozen days at the game farm and she and I had a pretty full hunting season. Great for her first. I am biased but she was and is one of the best all ready. The guide we had in So Dakota who breeds and trains Brittany was impressed commenting a few times as do many others. That said there are some things to work on and I tried to balance between keeping it fun and nurturing the natural abilities and perfect classic point while instilling heal, whoa, quartering and fetch to hand, dead bird, no bird, and getting good with hand signals. Things I’ll be sending her back to Ed to work on are holding steady on point and to shot. Her duck hunting from a boat is stellar - unusually quiet and steady and will sit for an hour just scouring the sky for birds. She does get jumpy at the shot-need to work on steady to shot. She has fast become my favorite of all the hunting dogs I’ve had and Marta and I love her. As good as she is in the field she is as good at home with people and other dogs. We want to thank you both for such a gift and a sincere thanks and best wishes for the new year!


Date of Posting: 12 February 2021
Posted By: Pete and Marta

"I can't say enough about Ed Erickson and his Autumn Breeze Kennel. All 3 of our Spins have trained with him and he is excellent! Ed knows Spinoni and all our boys loved spending time training with him. You couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable trainer or nicer guy!"


Date of Posting: 21 March 2019
Posted By: Andi Gabler


"Ed Erickson is just the best! I couldn't recommend him more highly. We're in MN, our puppy came from OH and the breeder there recommended we contact Ed to do his training. Best decision ever!"



Date of Posting: 21 March 2019
Posted By: Linda Resch Schwartzbauer


"Thank you for the picture and our relationship. Bill McFadden years ago wanted to give me a finished English Pointer he's had that was a National  Champion. We owned numerous ranches in West Texas.  He trained 6-to-8 dogs every year from Bob Whalie at Elhew Kennels, which was originally in Rochester, NY.  Bob's dad owned the Genneseo Brewery.  Long story short, I didn't want an English Pointer. Bill came back from the Minnesota Grouse trials and said that I have to get a dog from this breeder-Ed Erickson.  I have been fortunate to hunt with a small fraternity of the best dog trainers in  North America.  They universally believe and admire (sometimes much to their chagrin) that Luck and Knowledge brought us together!  I just wanted to say Thank You!  Your dogs have changed and influenced my life."


Date of Posting: 06 March 2019
Posted By: Scott Kelso


"We purchased our first hunting dog, a Spinone Italiano, in the fall of 2016.  I had visions of training him myself, but I quickly came to the realization that he'd benefit so much more from a professional.  Ed came highly recommended from our breeder and from the other Spinone owners we talked to, so after a trip to meet, check out the facility, and discuss our options, we dropped Ripley off with Ed to learn the basics in the spring of 2017.  Ripley is, first and foremost, our family dog, so it was important to us that he maintain his happy, kid-friendly demeanor.  Ed understood this and helped to ease our concerns.  Our kids will still bring up "the guy with the big moustache that taught Ripley to hunt."  After 4 weeks, we were excited to pick Ripley up and see what he'd learned.  The bond that had formed between Ed and Ripley was immediately evident, and Ripley was very excited to show off the skills that he'd learned and refined.  I don't test or compete with him, and I don't hunt 50 times per season, but I am very happy with Ripley's abilities, and I am grateful to Ed for giving us a great family dog that loves to hunt.  I would highly recommend Ed to anyone.  He accomplished what I was hoping for, and after we got Ripley home, Ed was always available to answer questions and to help me continue training."


Date of Posting: 17 February 2019
Posted By: Ryan Bielat, Maple Grove, MN



"Reilly went from the couch to the field today. With all that’s been going on this is the 1st time in a very long time. Our expectations was if we kick one up hopefully he will bring it back. Let me tell you boy was we wrong!  It started slow but once the 1st bird got up we realized we was suddenly hunting behind a different dog. The lights came on and he went nuts! We had a bad hit on one and we witnessed Reilly run it down in a 200 yard sprint! The bird went to fly off again and he jumped catching it in mid air and brought it back! Next thing we know he is locked up like a vault pointing birds left and right! He found every bird we purchased and more.  After hunting hard for 5 hours straight we decided to call it a day we was spent. Ohhhh but not Reilly I looked up from unloading and he hit the milo with his nose to the ground. This was absolutely without a doubt the best day of hunting in my life.  Thank you Ed Erickson and Autumn Breeze Kennel for a day I will never forget."


Date of Posting: 05 December 2017
Posted By: Caleb Hunt, Kansas City MO



"I wanted to drop you a note about your work with my Drat, Willy. I brought you a 12 week old puppy who did not like the water very much. After you worked with him (and consoling me) to get him to like the water, I was impressed. Then you worked with him on his Advanced Natural Ability Test (HZP). Frankly, I was going to be very satisfied with a 175 score, and elated at 180. When you delivered a perfect 193, words cannot express my appreciation.  In my opinion, you have trained a perfect hunting dog and companion. He works the field like a master, strong points and holds the point, at 2 years old none the less. No other trainer or even boarder will ever see my dog other than you!"


Date of Posting: 23 June 2014
Posted By: Chris Mason, Wayzata MN



"We bought our first dog Gunnar – a GSP – without knowing much about dogs, let alone training a pointing dog. We were lucky to come across Ed and asked if he could help us train Gunnar to hunt before we screwed him up too bad!  With Ed’s help, Gunnar has not only become a great hunter but a wonderful pet and companion. Gunnar even has my flushing dog hunting buddies buying pointers!! When it comes time to get another dog or for training, we will definitely look to Ed at Autumn Breeze Kennels."


Date of Posting: 17 November 2013
Posted By: Josh Olson, Fargo ND



"Ed, I am sending you some pictures from this fall hunting with Macy. As you will remember I attended your Force Fetch program that you taught in Feb 2008. I wanted a dog to retrieve and I was worried that Macy was to small at 38 lbs to retrieve a pheasant.  You told me not to worry that she would retrieve. You had more faith in her then I did. Well I did everything you told me to do, it was a tough job for Macy and me as well but we got through it. Well you were right she had a great fall, she made many great retrieves from deep in the cattails to buried in deep grass. She has done a fair job of trailing wounded birds and is getting better at it.  Ed, I just want to say Thank You for giving me a great dog . You really know how to get the best out of a pointing dog. Feel to use me as a referral. Thanks Again!"


Date of Posting: 21 September 2013
Posted By: Jerry Lahr



"Dear Ed, I was enjoying your photos, but I didn't see a picture of Tug, so here's one for you. He is a dog you should truly be proud to say that you have trained! Tug truly is one in a million. I hope he lives to be about forty years old!!!"


Date of Posting: 13 August 2013
Posted By: Brady



"Ed, it is very seldom in life that a person feels compelled to write a letter to inform someone just how completely satisfied and grateful they are. My family and I want everyone to know about you and Autumn Breeze Kennel and the outstanding job of training you have done with our GSP (Boone).  Our #1 concern was that Boone is a huge part of our family and he means everything to our 5-year old Trevor. They are buddies through and through and we did not want to jeopardize that. Reason #2 is that I needed training just as much as Boone did. I want you to know that you have exceeded our expectations in every way. Boone is our family dog and now because of your efforts and expertise a HUNTING MACHINE. I can't even begin to count the number of strangers and hunters that have approached us about Boone's training and how JAW DROPPING IMPRESSED they are. Your results speak for themselves LOUD AND CLEAR."


Date of Posting: 09 July 2013
Posted By: Tim & Michelle Skime



"My name is Barbara, proud owner of Ellie, the "hunting and retrieving machine". Ed purchased and trained my German Shorthair Pointer for me, and I couldn't be any happier! She is a master at finding birds and retrieving cripples, birds I thought would be lost to predators. As a veterinarian, I can't stand the thought of leaving game in the field suffering. With Ellie, I don't have to worry. I am amazed at what she can do, and I have Ed Erickson to thank for that! Everyone should hunt with such a well trained dog!  Ed is very skilled at reading each dog individually and training accordingly. He understands that my young English Setter, Bendis, hunts very differently than my "hunting machine" German Shorthair. Ed has expertise in many breeds, and I consider him to be a highly skilled dog trainer. I would trust no other with my dogs. He has an excellent training facility and grounds; his kennels are impeccably clean. I can drop my dogs off for training or boarding and not worry about a thing. I know they are in good hands, and that's saying a lot for the "very picky" veterinarian. I adore my dogs and want nothing but the best for them. It is with this in mind that I highly endorse Ed Erickson and Autumn Breeze Kennel. I know that you will be as happy as I am with the training and care your dog will receive."


Date of Posting: 09 February 2013
Posted By: Dr. Barbara S. Fischley



"I'm sending you a photo of my little Sassy. At the time of this picture she is 8 months and a week old. After your training I had taken her to a game farm twice to keep your training fresh in her mind prior to pheasant season.  On this, her very first "real" hunting experience on public land in Minnesota, and three weeks into the season... She found and either pointed or flushed 10 birds. Three were cocks, and my youngest son missed one so we only came away with 2, but my oldest boy is now calling her a Rock Star!  Sassy is the sweetest, most family friendly dog I could have ever wished for in a hunting dog. Even at this young age, when she gets out of the truck she is ALL business. I can't begin to tell you how happy we are with her and the training you did for us. If you would ever like to use me for a reference please don't hesitate for a minute."


Date of Posting: 06 June 2012
Posted By: Jim and Karen Gemmill



"Ed, I want to update you on the progress of Cooper and to also thank you for all of your guidance and help along the way. As a first time handler, I needed lots of help and you provided it in a candid and unvarnished way.  It is hard to believe that in May of this year, Cooper was testing for Natural Ability at Four Brooks and just yesterday, he got 180 points in UPT at the Northern Minnesota NAVHDA test. He got fours in all categories except for water search in which he got a three-thanks to poor handling by yours truly.  As the training progressed the last 5 months, you always came through with the right help and training advice at just the right time. You were also able to properly gauge the progress Cooper was making and give me clear direction on what I needed to be working on next.  Probably the toughest part of this summer was the force fetching. You told me it was going to be grueling for both Cooper and me-how right you were. But as I progressed through the hold/out sequence and then the force fetching you were always available to answer my "now what do I do about this" question. Ultimately we got though it.  I have to tell you Ed that as painful as the force fetching was for both of us-the force fetching was absolutely essential and it is truly what has made Cooper the dog he is today. Now when I shoot a bird, or do a drag, or do a water retrieve, I have absolutely full confidence that the bird will be brought back to me and he will only release it when he is given the "out" command.  That confidence shows up in Cooper as well. You can tell how eager he is now to bring back the game and he does it with his head held high and proud. Simply put, he is a much better hunting and NAVHDA dog now that he is force broke.  Once again Ed, thank you for being such a valuable resource for Cooper and me. We would not be where we are today without your help."


Date of Posting: 29 August 2011
Posted By: John McHale, Hibbing, MN



"Ed is a great trainer with an innate sense for what an individual dog needs. With two very different approaches, Ed turned two wonderful house pets into accomplished pointers...and didn't take the house pet out of them!"


Date of Posting: 22 July 2011
Posted By: Stan



"Being a first time dog owner, Ed Erickson did a wonderful job answering my questions and being available on a regular basis.  I had Windsor out hunting at 4-5 months old and pointing birds, I ended up shooting 15 wild roosters over Windsor before he was even 6 months old. I was completely surprised to have a wonderful hunting dog at such a young age. I can't say enough about Windsor's temperament as he is the first dog to play with kids in the neighborhood and is very directable in the field.  Without the help and training tips from Ed I would have never been able to have the dog I have today!"


Date of Posting: 11 April 2011
Posted By: John Bohnsack



"Ed, just a quick note, I recently returned from a South Dakota Pheasant hunt and Max performed far beyond my expectations. Once he got on the scent of a bird he stayed on it and than locked on point, after the bird was flushed and shot he retrieved the bird right back to me. The training that you did with him provided a great foundation that I was able to build upon, I could not be happier with the results. Thanks again!"


Date of Posting: 28 November 2010
Posted By: Doug Walter



"Ed, I wanted to give you an update on Kess. I am so happy and proud of this dog its difficult to describe. Your knowledge, skills, patience, and determination to force break Kess sure paid off. As you recall, I kept in contact with you during the months you had Kess to get updates on his progress, as I was eager to get my best friend back. You told me that you didn't want to give Kess back to me until he was 100 percent trained. I must say your 100 percent is 100+ percent trained. I've had Kess over 500+ birds so far and he is doing awesome. He is steady on point, the commands "steady", "fetch" (land and water), and "here" are all well known to this dog.  The people who have hunted behind this dog are "amazed" to say the least. He tracks and retrieves crippled birds hundreds of yards away. In addition to being a great bird dog, he turned out to be a great family dog (including watch dog). The obedience you engraved in this dog shows everyday at home and in the field. I have attached a photo displaying how proud Kess is of his birds. I look forward to the Utility Test and the NAVHDA Invitational next year. When I need another dog trained, I will be contacting you - that's for sure. If you need a honest reference, have them contact me ANYTIME!  Thanks again Ed for your help and time, lets go bird hunting together sometime!"


Date of Posting: 15 November 2010
Posted By: Dr. Jerod L. Oschendorf, Alexandria MN



"Ed has done a fabulous job of helping us develop Dirk, our top-notch family and hunting dog. With Ed’s guidance and training, Dirk (a four-year-old Deutsch-Drahthaar) is the envy of everyone who meets him because he is well behaved, loves children, obeys his commands, and hunts like a machine. To us, Ed was the difference between having an okay dog and a great dog."


Date of Posting: 09 September 2010
Posted By: Susan and Greg Farley, Mendota Heights MN



"Ed Erickson has been a driving force behind our quest for the best hunting dog's we could possibly have. He has helped us achieve with our dogs what we had only previously dreamed of.  We test in NAVHDA and the VDD. With our dog Max, he trained both Max and myself to run at the 2004 NAVHDA Invitational and we came away with Max being a Versatile Champion. Ed is a great dog trainer, but he is also a great teacher, for the first time handler or a seasoned pro.  With out Ed, none of this would have been possible. Thanks Fast Eddie!"


Date of Posting: 06 February 2010
Posted By: Mark Gebhart & Deb Finstad, Eagan MN



"Ed was recommended to me by another NAVHDA (North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association) member. This guy's wire-haired pointing griffon was an awesome retriever that he said Ed had helped him. My young German wire-haired pup Roxy would not go in the water and I really didn't know anything about training pointing dogs. This was a problem since we bought the dog for both upland and waterfowl and the dog was actually my daughter's dog (so we would not be replacing it if it didn't work out). So I called Ed and we scheduled a private lesson. After the first lesson which included some live bird work including a wing clipped pigeon into the pond, Roxy was a retrieving fool. That summer we entered Roxy in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test in which she scored a perfect 112.  We scheduled a few more private lessons with Ed. Included in those lessons were e-collar conditioning for Roxy and training for me on using the e-collar for training. We also took Ed's trained retrieve class the following winter. This was also a great experience for both myself and Roxy as there was a group of about eight in the class and you got to watch other people train their dogs and learn from that.  Ed also gave a dog handling demonstration at our Ducks Unlimited Greenwing Day which was a huge hit with the kids and adults. The demonstration included one of his client's dogs that was working on blind retrieves for the NAVHDA National Invitational.  I would definitely recommend Ed as a dog trainer and he's even better at training people to train and handle their dogs.  The attached photo is of my son Jared and Roxy on our 2006 Pheasant hunt to Montana."


Date of Posting: 24 August 2009
Posted By: Dan Fabian, Stillwater MN